I have started Binging, have you?


So far we used to Google [Term used for web search], now we will be Binging [or just Bing] if not now may be sometime soonish. Looks like Bing is capturing fair share of it's market. Although I don't use it as my primary search engine and it might be sometime if I ever start using it as my primary search engine, I see a lot of my friends have changed to Bing. Normally, I am the one who is evangelizing the latest technology, but for a change some of my friends and colleagues are evangelizing Bing to me!

I do use Bing from time to time and I like it's speed and simple interface. For now sometimes I just visit to see what's on Bing's home page today [from what I can tell, they keep on changing their home page images].

What do you think of Bing?