Don’t be an ideas killer #IYW

Ideas are everywhere. We see a thing or two and we get ideas, we watch TV and we get  an idea, we read news and we can get an idea about something that we have been working on. We hear a lot of ideas too. In offices and in meetings, we hear a lot of ideas and sometimes they are relevant and sometimes they are not [or at least that is what we think].

“The Thinker”

Allowing ourselves to generate idea is easy compared to hear other people talk about their ideas. I see this a lot in meeting rooms and offices. An energetic and enthusiastic person comes up with a hot idea on what to do on the project/next bbq or something else and the manager or one of the colleagues would be prompt to intervene and shot the idea or cut it short. Focus is important, but don’t kill the idea. Neither your’s or someone else’s.

Next time when someone proposes an idea, acknowledge the idea and if it is not the appropriate time and the place to discuss it, park it with an aim to come back to discuss that idea further. Rather than just cutting the person in the middle of her sentence and the idea off, give an appropriate reasoning. Add something to the idea that will make it work. Let the creative juices flow within yourself and others.

When you think of an idea next time, rather than just ignoring the idea, acknowledge it. This will allow your brain to bake the idea in your subconscious mind.

I think of myself as an ideas person and I get loads of them. What I have learn’t over the years is not to shut my mind up when ideas are popping. I receive them, write them/note them/record them and then move on with my current activity. I have allowed my mind to keep thinking and sometimes out of the box.

Who’s coming out with an iGlass?

I am in a dreaming mode today. Since last few days I have been thinking about a device (let’s call it iGlass for now) that is iPad for reading glasses. All I need to do is wear the reading glasses and when I turn it on, through some technology the screen appears to be at an enough distance and of enough size. Using eye gestures I could control the workings of the iGlass. 

What will iGlass achieve over a phone or a tablet? To start with, it will be very light weight. People could then say, “I have access to the world through my eyes”!

I know something of this sort will be coming sooner or later, it is just a matter of time.

Brilliant Idea


Brilliant Idea because:

1. It is doing the site visitors some good. The site allows them to relax and think/ponder
2. The site’s simplicity is its beauty
3. The site has business potential, if nothing more the site will make money alone of its Amazon powered book store
4. The site is creating a community on its Facebook page.