I am Back

Hello All,
I am back now. I have moved my host from Brinkster.com to Lunarpages.com. This moving of hosting service was a result of many features of my blogging engine not working on Brinkster. The support guys said “this won’t work” and “that won’t work”. Well and they wanted me to add few extra pieces of code into my existing blogging engine code to make the things work fine. Now I am not a developer and really don’t prefer to dig into code and waste my time coding instead of blogging.

Lunarpages.com was recommended by one of the fellow bloggers on b2Evolution Forums. I checked that site, asked support guys few questions and make the plunge. The quick move was also a result of frustration for things not working on my blog which were just working fine for others. So far Lunarpages support team have been doing a great job for me. Email responses are very fast and so are quick phone calls (not recommended as I am in Australia and those guys are in US). These guys even have a better support system than Brinkster does. The forums are easily accessible (Brinkster you should really think of implementing something similar) and they got a IRC channel too. Now pingbacks, trackbacks and email notifications are working fine for me, which was not the case before and well I am a blogger and I need those features working on my blog.

Anyway, instead of getting overjoyed by the fact that everything is working on my blog as it should and keep on praising Lunarpages, I will just hold my horses back and speak their good work and hosting service speak for itself. Ofcourse you will see me complain if things go wrong too!

Just as I am getting busier and busier with different activities that I am doing these days, last week was a complete waste as far as blogging goes. Wasted most of my blogging time trying to repair things on my blog (which ofcourse did not work as there was nothing wrong with it in the first place). Now instead of just importing the database, I recreated the whole new database, which means I lost my old posts. But I did not have many posts, what I did was converted all the posts into HTML files which I will link on this blog, just for reference.

I am missing Geekswithblogs.net now. There I just had to worry about blogging and not behind the scene things. Jeff was just doing a great job there. Here I have to take care of all the things.

Not sure if my old RSS feeds will work, as I have added ‘www’ name to my site name now, which was not the case before. Sorry for the trouble guys, but now you can subscribe to the feeds again. I know this is a pain, so SORRY again.

Hoping to get to lots of blogging soon.


Tejas Patel

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