Why these differences on MSN Search

I am using more and more of MSN Search these days. MSN Search tool is still installed on my system and it’s been a long time since that is installed. Although I had a question for MSN Search team or it would be good even if others can answer this question. The question is why does MSN Search behave differently when viewed from different browsers. Below is the picture of MSN Search page taken from three different browsers. First screen shot is from Firefox, second from Internet Explorer and third from Opera.


The question is, why does the MSN Search page not render properly with Opera? I am sure they would have tested the page with different browsers before the launch. The second query is if you notice the picture, you will see that MSN Search page gives the option to make it a homepage to the users using Internet Explorer, but not to the users using Firefox and Opera; why is this? Don’t they want users using different browsers to make MSN Search the default home page?

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