I disagree Robert Scoble

$$$ These are my views and does not represent any other human being or entity on this planet $$$

I disagree Mr. Robert Scoble. You say “The reality is you’re always representing your employer when you talk in public, no matter how many disclaimers you make.” Your blog may be a part of your job, but it’s not always the case with everyone else. I don’t get paid to keep up my blog nor do I talk about my employer or employment, where am I representing my employer here?

If a person has totally different views on a issue than his/her corporation’s view, does that mean he cannot/should not put them in public just because people are going to link his personal opinions as the opinions of the corporation? It would be OK that I represent my company when I am talking about my company’s products and services, but not otherwise. I might be blogging 12 hours a day in my own time and in that time I want to be just me and not some company’s unpaid representative. Does that mean that a employee cannot be just be himself and talk for himself when he has taken of his employee hat? Are bloggers losing their identity as just themselves as a person?

May be it’s a Reality for you mate, but not all of us out here.For Keith who commented on your blog with the following lines “You may not be speaking for them but people will see you as their employee”. My answer to this is, people have to understand when a person is representing a company and when he is speaking for himself. People have to understand that a person might be having his/her opinions too which might be different from hsi Companies opinion.

Robert, with comments like this, you are just making it very difficult for new bloggers to join the blogging stream. You are making it difficult for bloggers to speak out freely about anything as they now have to fear that their opinions can be counted as opinions of their employer. YES I agree that every employee represents his/her company in a way, but not all the times and not at all the places.

On the side note, what would you tell a contractor who is contracting for 10 different companies at the same time? Does that mean that he is representing 10 different companies at the same time?

Robert sometimes your thoughts are just too much (although interesting). Can you elaborate in much length on such controversial topics from next time on so your readers get a better picture on what’s exactly in your brain? Do you think I got the point that you were talking about?

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