Learning from good speakers

Cliff Atkinson writes a small blurb on what bloggers should learn from good speakers and vice Versa. I agree Cliff. Even I have to improve my skills on writing.

I will remember :-

1. –>Find your focus. One of the most beautiful things about life is that we all have different interests and passions. What are yours? Pick a focus for your communication and stick with it. >

2. –>Look for the story. Don’t contribute to our culture’s Attention Deficit Disorder; help us to cure it. Out of all the information you see, what’s most important? What does it all mean?

4. –>Develop your craft. At the moment, blogging is mostly about writing, so learn how to be a better writer. Take a continuing education course in non-fiction writing or journalism. Learn how to write better headlines, and how to get right to the point in the first line of your posting. If you’re starting to podcast, take a course in radio production. If you’re screencasting or vlogging, take a course in video production.

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