It’s a shame

As you might have read that few days back I started reading and getting into comic strips on the Internet and have been enjoying the journey since. Among few strips that I have been reading regularly, one that I like is Angst Technology. Today I went ahead and read about the face behind this comic strip. The name is Barry Smith, the creator of this strip with few more that he creates. Barry wrote about his issue with not been able to spend too much time writing the strips with the circumstances in his life. It’s a shame Barry that we don’t have enough time for all the exciting things that we want to do in life. Ofcourse money is always a problem. It’s a shame all in all. I wish I could do something that really make a difference in what you do. I really wish you good luck with your life and your future. Hope to keep seeing “Angst Technology” moving along and that the creator of Angst Technology would make it really big someday.

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