Who is Tejas Patel?

Welcome to my blog. Here I will introduce myself enough so that you all reading my blog knows that I am a real person named Tejas Patel and feel comfortable reading a blog from a person that you might not know.

So my name is Tejas Patel and I am a male in his 20’s living in Melbourne, Australia. Indian by birth I came to Australia few years ago and since then am residing here for good. I am here with my wife and loads of other friends. I am a easy guy who wants to enjoy each and every day of life while doing something that helps the community. I started with blogs and blogging at the end of December 2003 and have made quite a few blogs since than. My main ones are http://itdigest.blogdrive.com, http://geekswithblogs.net/tpatel and finally this one at http://www.itejas.com. My picture gallery can be found here.

I like talking about software tools, productivity, technology and how people can enhance their lives using technology. I am trying to dig a hole in the field of computer security (Information Systems Security, more to say) as well. I like to talk and discuss on religious and spiritual topics.

I have Masters in Information Systems and have few more technical certification and working towards few more.

Yes, I do work for somebody for now. I am not putting those details as I want to keep this blog separate from my work and my work does not have any kind of blogging policies yet. When they do, you will see me editing this page as well :).

What kind of person am I? As I say, I am easy going, friendly, smiling and many other positive things related to me kind of person. My negative side is I make friends easily ;).

I think this much of intro should give you a good idea of me. If you want to know more about me than contact me. Incase you need to contact me, you can do so by putting a comment on the blog, emailing me (the address can be found from the home page of this blog) or by Skyping me.

Update:- I just got started with a project. The project is called CertRef and the website can be found at http://www.certref.com and more details on starting of this project can be found from here. It is a wiki based website intended to make a resource pool for vendor certifications.

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