Google Search History

Logged onto my system this morning and saw a new line added to my Home Page (which is ) called ‘My Search History‘. Than I hopped on the search engine and searched for ‘Google Search History’ and found the this article from Zdnet. I agree with the article. It’s an added personal touch along with bringing all their services together. I bet this will also increase no. of people signing up for Google Accounts if they have’nt done it so far. Yahoo did a great job of pulling all their offering together under Then followed My MSN at and now follows Google.

Yes, I have concerns regarding search privacy. Oh, now they can even track which user is clicking on which Google Ad and how many times ( I think)! On the funny note, employees be careful. Now your boss can walk around and just pull up your search engine history and look at what you have been looking for all day :). More about this feature as I put in more thought into this feature and also as I test this tool extensively.

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