Certification exams update

OK, I had promised to update on my certification plans and what I intend to do on this blog. As I have mentioned I am going for MCSE Upgrade certification (70-292 & 70-296 exam) and than for Cisco CCNA exam (640-801 exam). I intend to post the following things on my blog.

· Will update about my study plans
· The resources I am using for studies
· All the relevant links that I could find for a given exam objective
· Daily read, interesting and relevant links from Cisco, Microsoft and the Internet
· My findings if any
· Links to the Microsoft and other labs
· Exam study tips

I am using MS Press books and Cisco Press books (exam relevant) as the core reference. I will be following them and then on the side will be doing all the extra reading as and when required. I will go chapter by chapter and will brief you of what the chapter is all about and any important exam tips if relevant. I will than post all the relevant reading from Microsoft, Cisco and any other websites. I will be also be listing any other good reference that I site during the course. My intention here is to create a list of links of recommended reading for a given certification exam. So even if students don’t have the any prescribed text book, they will be able to read the material on the pointed links and get themselves prepared for the exam.

I will point towards any important labs that are to be done in that given chapter. As I move ahead I will post my study strategies too. And I will post any other thing that I find interesting and important from the examination point of view.

As I always say, passing the exam is a different thing than knowing your stuff. One has to prepare from the vendor’s point of view and follow their recommendations on their products. They have to answer in a way that vendors like to listen. To start preparing for any certification exam, the first thing to do is to understand the objectives of the exam itself and any other details of the exam. So to get started we will look at the details of exam 70-292 & exam 70-296. Here and here are the objectives of both the exams respectively. Look carefully at the section of ‘skills being measured’. The objectives of CCNA exam are here.

As per Cramsession, 70-292 & 70-296 has a passing score of 700 and 55-56 questions are asked in the exam. The exam is Form-Based Multiple Choice; Drag and Drop; Hot Area; List, sort and order. For Cisco CCNA according to Cramsession there will be total of 55-65 questions and the passing score is 849 out of 1000.

That’s it for tonight. Those studying with me can go through the links above and check the site for updates soon tommorrow. I have already started my readings for MCSE Upgrade exam.

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