Beaware of Googkle

There is a malicious website out there called Googkle .com (don’t go to the website, or you might regret) that will hijack user’s computer. Users end of this website by typing incorrectly in their browsers. Here’s a summary:

F-Secure staff has found a malicious website that utilizes a spelling error when typing the name of the popular search engine – ‘’. If a user opens a malicious website, his/her computer gets hijacked – a lot of different malware gets automatically downloaded and installed: trojan droppers, trojan downloaders, backdoors, a proxy trojan and a spying trojan. Also a few adware-related files are installed.

The name of the malicious website is ‘’. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE! Otherwise your computer will get infected! We have reported the case to the authorities.

More details can be found at .

That’s a nasty website I would say. Won’t Russian authorities act on this?

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