Subject is licensing is making me crazy

The topic of licensing was always unclear to me. With my new project CertRef I started looking for the appropriate license and still cannot find one that’s most appropriate to what I want. I have almost spent more than 10 hours reading about copyright and licenses and just to find if there is a lincense that will fit my need, but have’nt found one so far. By far the nearest match that I have found is Creative Commons Wiki license which is still in beta. As I read from their discussion list that they are working on a revision license that will answer some of the my queries.

Here are some of my questions:-

–> I want a license where people contributing to CertRef are attributing their work to CertRef as a entity, meaning CertRef is considered the Licensor and not many individual who contribute to the wiki (this will make it easy when somebody wants to attribute the work copied or used from CertRef and even use it commercially)
–> I want a license where commercial use of the material should be allowed
–> I want a license where “share alike” is a part of it

Can anybody tell me if there is a license that matches the criteria? Hmmn, back to some more research.

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