Google goes Personal

Finally here it is, a personalised Google. What a coincidence, I was going to put this request today on this blog about having a personalised Google. Personalised Google can be found at . Ah, this I assume is just the starting of personalisataion of this tool.

What more do I need? I need an aggregator like Yahoo or MSN will have eventually, so I can watch my most preferred feeds there. Ah, may be not as it might again make the interface more cluttery but to still have an option like that would be good. I think if Google can come up with extra little feature than most of my other requirements get fulfilled as than I can add any other site I want to the list.

What I like the best about this new feature is the integration of Gmail,Search History on the same page. The interface is way better compared to Yahoo or MSN. That’s what I like most about Google, they know how to make interface that users will like. I even saw that this news is on Slashdot on my Google’s personalised page.

Well Google you are late, but you did it again.

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