Finally figured out few things with CertRef

OK, have finally figured out what license to use for site. For me as a person to understand about licensing without too much of prior knowledge was somewhat difficult. There are so many things to be kept in mind while deciding on a license. With my license selection I was more inclined towards Creative Commons licenses as I found they were a bit more simpler to understand compared to other licenses like GFDL. The jargon was simple to understand and not really as lenghthy as other licenses. Also I could not find any licenses around that said that attribution to be made to the site/entity rather than the original authors. Ofcourse Creative Common is working on it with draft 2.5. Why is it important? As much as I could understand when using licenses like GFDL and Creative Commons, attribution of the work becomes very important. On collaborated sites like wiki, it sometimes becomes difficult to find the contributors who mainly contributed to the page and also this process is cumbersome. It is much more easier just to attribute the ‘work’ (as defined in CC) to the wiki website. This will encourage people to use more text from wiki in their own work and share it alike, which in return makes the wiki more useful to general public.

Although the jargon was overwhelming in the start, I got a lot of help understanding it from Greg Maxwell on the #Mediawiki IRC channel. Also helpful were people from Creative Commons along their mailing list. Interesting thing is Greg works for Juniper Networks and told me that I should have a section on Juniper certifications as well, ofcourse I will create a category for that too :).

Devoted some more time in understanding MediaWiki product and what all syntax can be used to create new pages, categories and other stuff. Not 100% on it yet, but will learn as I go forward. Now I have the structure I want for the wiki clear in my mind and will start implementing it soon.

**Anybody willing to help me with different certifications on CertRef are welcome, please contact me by email or by leaving a comment**.

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