A new tool called Reblg.com

Picked up the news that there is a new tool in the market called Reblg.com. It is supposed to make it very easy to reblog or link to another blog post. But the site owners really would have been better off structuring their site more properly. It hardly gives a common user a idea on how the tool is supposed to work. I did not really get a clear picture until I read the post by Marc Canter.

Guys, remember not all users are going to waste 15 minutes figuring out what the tool is good for and how it has to be used. It has to be obvious. Well you did select a name that is obvious but did not put much effort on putting it in words on your site. As Robert put’s it, I would say “An oppurtunity is wasted”. Yes but the tool does sound very interesting and usefull. I will wait for Greasemonkey script.

Hey Marc, what about atleast putting the code for this on your own blog or give us some examples where we could see the code in action?

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