Here comes IT Pro Australia

Last Thursday we had a small group meetup at Microsoft Melbourne. The topic was ‘IT Pro Australia’. Danika Bakalich who is the regional director of CompTIA was collecting feedback and ideas for this new association/Group that CompTIA wants to form. The group will be called “IT Pro Australia”.

First of all, fantastic idea to create such an association. IT Pro group will be an association where IT guys (those who have a degree and those who don’t) can be members of the association. Based on their experience and knowledge they will be categorized under the right level (as I understand this is still not well decided). CompTIA will have a system in place where members will be able to assess themselves. The system will also give them a path way of what other skills/qualifications are necessary for them (members) to get themselves ready for the desired position. Apart from letting members upskill themselves, IT Pro also could be an association where people can network with each other, share & discuss their ideas, and can have walk in professionals who can talk on a range of issues from management to insurance topics.

I hope CompTIA also arranges for some of the really good benefits that can help IT Professionals to make their lives easy. The fee structure seems to be quite good. I was told they are going to charge $25 for the students and $85 for IT Professional (compare this will $3xx or so that ACS charges). Won’t this be a duplication of ACS or is this going to do the same thing as ACS?

As per Danika, if the idea succeeds here in Australia, than they are going to introduce the idea of IT Pro in other countries as well. They are going to make this public in October 2005. Well good luck Danika & group on creating the structure for IT Pro Australia. Hope to hear from you soon.

After the meeting Jeff Alexander, Henry Craven, Nirav,Duui and myself went to a nearby Japanese restaurant. The food was excellent, thanks for the treat Jeff. I had a chance to undergo a great new experience. Learned that Henry Craven knows much more about Indian and Indian restaurants that I do! Overall even in the bad weather we had a good time.

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