Finding a Job with Your Blog

Finding a Job with Your Blog

Similar posts has been many times before too, but I got to remind myself and others again that with blogs becoming important in media and networking with others, they can definately talk about their blogs in their resume.

Could anybody tell us in what manner should be put down about our blog in our resume. At the moment I brag about my blog in ‘Other Activities’ section of my resume.

Blogs have been awesome for me so far. I have met people from different places around the world and around Melbourne due to my blog.  I can openly and freely talk to other fellow bloggers over MSN and Yahoo as I know who they are because of their blogs. I have many good people who are my friends now because of mine and their blogs. I am going to meet Anand from India soon as he comes  to Australia and that is due to blogs as well. Last week I met a Hare Krishna devotee from New Zealand and that was due to his blog as well. Blogs are a great networking tool for me.

So incase if you are interested in offering me a job, my email is on my blog ;).

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