Talk Digger Tool

Talk Digger: Check who is linking to you.

Check out the site guys. It’s quite good for what it does. Now instead of visiting all different search engines, you can just type the URL once and Talk Digger will search all the search engines for you and show you the results.

Frédérick Giasson has developed this site. Hey Frederick, what about having a similar thing for words too. I mean instead of just searching URL’s, people use search engines to search word strings as well, so it will be cool if you get that feature in as well. I am sure you can come up with a way that the system will search for ‘link:‘ if it recognises ‘www’,’http’ or ‘.com’ in the search string. I would love to search my name in all the search engines at once.

Just a idea, later you can expland onto cover tag searching too if you think it’s worth while.

Link by: Robert Scoble

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