Yahoo says it’s index size is growing

Yahoo! Search blog: Our Blog is Growing Up  And So Has Our Index

Ok, finally Yahoo comes out with figures. I like Yahoo’s search engine facility as well, but than what is it that’s stopping me from making Yahoo Search Engine my home page and default search engine?

1. I just love Google’s UI. Although we can do more with Yahoo’s “My Web”, it’s too crowded and does’nt look neat.

2. I am used to Gmail now and really like it and if I use than I don’t have to worry about opening another tab on Firefox to check my email

3. I use Firefox and by default the search engine in use is Google!

4. There is more buzz about Google all the time compared to Yahoo ( I don’t know if it’s a logical thing not to switch to Yahoo because of this)

But what I am going to do now is I am going to install a Firefox extension for Google which has links to other search engines on the top, so I can compare other search engines on the go while I am searching Google.

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