Comptia’s IT Pro site is open now

CompTIA’s IT Professional Membership

I just checked out ‘IT Pro Australia’ website. Sibylle just gave me a green flag to post about IT Pro Australia. Sibylle is “Marketing Coordinataor” for CompTIA Australia. She is also very prompt on responding to email ;).

IT Pro Australia, a program of CompTIA, is the nation’s leading association representing those working in the information and communications technology industry.

Supported by leading organisations in the global IT industry, including Apple, Cisco, CompTIA, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and many others, IT Pro Australia is a community for IT professionals, offering comprehensive access, advice, benefits and discounts to members.

Applications for membership is open. The site is still in beta and the official launch of IT Pro is on 19th October this year. I think this is a great innitiative if it works as planned. This will be a great place for networking and to gain knowledge about what’s going on in the IT market. Check out the website for more students. Did I mention that even students can be members of IT Pro and get student membership (jeez, I sound like a sales guy now šŸ™‚ ).

I have opted to mentor couple of communities for IT Pro. More details will follow shortly. Check out the website till than. Hey Sibylle, can’t you offer early bird discounts to new members, who sign up in next two weeks or so?

Update:- Sibylle said that there is a TechEd Promotion going on. “Indeed, we do have a Tech.Ed promotion. Whoever signs up as a full member will receive the annual membership at AU$ 50 (instead of AU$ 85)! The promo code is TEAQ305 to be quoted when signing in”

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