Microsoft Roaming Favorites Beta | Microsoft Roaming Favorites Beta

After reading the short description, I think this should be interesting. I hope it does a lot more than just roaming favourites. It should do atleast all that;s done on and much more. I am not sure what percentage of hard core bloggers and RSS users are still using bookmarks on a regular basis. I for one is hardly touching my bookmarks now. I remember the days when I was ready to pay for services like Blinkx to host my bookmarks and to keep them roaming.I use my bookmarks now a days for bookmarklets, for a bookmark for ‘Route Planner’ website and that’s it. All else goes onto my blog and on

Is this the case where Microsoft is trying to create all the nice little services that users are getting used to these days, so that  customers only have to bitch about Microsoft!! They got blogs, search engine that is comparitively good as other search engines, RSS aggregator (or will have soon), tabbed browser and now bookmarks.

By the way how many people are still using Wallop? I don’t see many people using it or talking about it now a days. I think Orkut has faded away as well. I still get many requests for invite to Orkut from my previous blog but I don’t see a lot of buzz on blogosphere about it.

Will I be able to integrate Microsoft Roaming Favorites into Firefox? I think I will sure want that



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