Melbourne Geek Dinner

Hello All,
Looks like we have atleast 5 people already signed up for the Melbourne Geek Dinner. So I plan to have a geek dinner this Friday (26th August,2005). The meeting will be in the city at the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke Street. It’s a Pizza Hut restaurant (1st Floor). It will be nice if we all gather there between 6:30 and 6:45 PM.

I had to select city as it is the most convenient place for most of us to meet and it is easier travel wise as well (ofcourse, for most of us). And I had to select Friday as it is preferred day compared to a normal weekday and people are more relaxed as well.

I will like to invite all the Geeks to come and join us. You can join us if you are not from Melbourne and visiting Melbourne. Everybody is welcome. The intention is to have an event such as this on an ongoing basis and regular basis.

So try your best to come and meet other geeks. Please RSVP to me by 5:00 P.M. Thursday so I can make the necessary bookings. You can find my email address on the side panel of this blog, alternatively , you can call me on my mobile on “0412 940 169”.

If you have a blog than post about this on your blog so we can have more people coming to this Geek dinner. If not than email your friends about this. Alright than I will keep you updated about this event. See you all on Friday.

Matt, reminder for you, don’t forget your camera ;).

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