Google Desktop V. 2.0 Screencast

Google Desktop Tool is here and now it’s in version 2 beta. If you are following my blog than you will remember that I had given up on Google Desktop Search tool before as it was just taking too much system resources. This time I thought will give another try, since this version is loaded with features that can make my life a bit more easier.

I have to say that they have done some good work with this way (atleast as far as coming up with features in this tool). One of the features that I am going to love is where I can just search in Programs installed on my system. I have so many software installed on my system and they are hidden in so many micro categories that sometimes it takes a while to find them out, this tool will make my life easier now.

I like the idea of integrating Gmail indexer and notifier feature in this tool as well. Although I will monitor the system resources this tool is going to consume carefully, I will give this tool a good chance and see if I can keep it on my desktop.

I have created a quick screen cast of installing Google Desktop and demonstrating some of the features of this tool. Note:- I did play with Google Desktop for 4.3 minutes before creating this Screen Cast and that is how I know some of the features while I am talking and going through the screen cast. I have done two screen casts before, but this is my first take at making a screen cast for a software tool. You will be able to see it by seeing some hesitation and stammering during the screencast. But overall it was fun.

Ofcourse I will improve on my future screen casts, but still give me your feedback on what you thought of it.

The screen cast can be found at Here. It is embedded into a HTML file. The video will load faster if viewed from Internet Explorer whereas it might take a bit of time to load up in Firefox. Media Player 9 will be needed to play this video.


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