Melbourne Geek Dinner Update:-

We really had a good time last night (atleast I can say that about myself). I saw that we had 100% turn out from the people who said that they will come. Hey Guys, it was really nice seeing you all in person and listen to you all. Most of the people attending the dinner said that they would love to have ongoing geek dinners on a regular basis. So be it, we will plan something up soon.

“Podcasting” was the buzz word last night. Many were talking about podcasting while others were listening about podcasting. Dave Glover from Microsoft was there too. Hey Dave, the new MSN Search engine can be found at ;). Matt did an excellent job of taking fantastic pictures again. I am sure we will see them soon on his blog.Robin (or do you spell it as Robyn) did an excellent job evangelising about Podcasts. Buddy, can you email me the list of good techo podcasts? Below are the list of people who attended.

1. Tejas Patel
2. Nirav Patel
3. Cameron Reilly
4. Michael Specht
5. Chris Bell
6. Simon Heap
7. Robin Froosh (not the correct spelling obviously)
8. Dave Glover
9. Daryl Cook
10. Justin Marshall
11. Pravesh Tanwar
11. Jesse Villani
12. Matt Trentini

Did I miss anybody?

I will like to thank you all for coming at such a short notice, it was really nice seeing you all. Big thanks to Matt for taking the pictures. Till next time, bye to all, see you all around on your blogs :).

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