I am over Google Desktop Search

OK, before I start complaining about Google Desktop Search and why I am over it, let me tell you a bit about my computer scenario.

I have a P4 computer with 2 GB of RAM on it. A hard disk which is 120 GB big. One Outlook where my gmail emails are being downloaded. Nearly 1 GB of photos and all other normal desktop search. I downloaded and installed Google Desktop Search. It was nearly 2 days and it still was only 30% indexed. I just found my machine’s hard disk light was flashing on a constant basis ( I understand that GD was indexing my files).The software was nearly eating 60 MB of memory resources. Although I really liked it’s capabilites, I don’t think it was worth all the load that was being dumped on my system.

I had uninstalled MSN Search, I think I might go back to it. I have also tried Exalead Beta desktop tool and I really like some of it’s capabilities, the only fact that the version I have, it is not as responsive during load up as I might want. I will see if the latest version is any good. Is there anything else that is worth trying and also gentle on the system resources. Till than I will just rely on Windows Search capabilities.

By the way, I just love Google tools, I used Google Talk for voice chatting today and have to tell you that it was as good as local phone. Although the UI is plain vanilla without any features, people still like it and use it, hoping next versin will be much better.

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