30 minutes playing with Slide


While I was talking to Munjal Shah the other day, he gave me link to Slide.  “Slide is a free Windows application for finding, playing, and instantly sharing photos, videos, and other media. Slide will help you group digital photos into channels to share with friends and family. It might even help you find pictures that you forgot you had. “ Ha ha, I quite don’t agree with that yet!

I like the interface. Hey Guys at Slide, I know this is in beta, but there are lot many things that are missing or if not missing than they are just not too obvious. How can I log out of the application? Even finding how to delete file from a channel was not too obvious.

After using the application and thinking over it, I think may be it has some use but not too sure if I will keep on using it. Ofcourse I would not want to have a ticker taking up nearly 10% of my screen face and I find it distracting when the pictures keep on moving ( I do realise that we can turn it off, but then why should I primarily use this application?)

I can see a potential use of this application as a file sharing application. I could share my power point slides along with applications files. The good thing is you upload it once, turn off your computer and your friends to whom you have invited can still download the applications and documents from the server. One thing I liked is I can download the pictures in the original resolution (that is what I found out when I was trialing it out) which is quite good. Second good thing is we can add feeds as well. So if I knew of some really good photo feeds, I could create a channel out of them and share them in public. But again the pictures in this channel are only viewable by installing the application and let it running as the side bar and we cannot see the pictures online on the website (I could not find away for that)! Ah, so will these guys be running picture adverts into the side bar in the coming time?

Overall, nice concept and nice app. I am sure people will find good use of it. I don’t know about myself whether if I have the need of another application running on my system, distracting me from my work. By the way on resource end, it takes around 30 MB of  RAM and 1–2% processing power.

A funny thing, when we install the application on the system, the application automatically subscribes us to a channel, I tried it twice and I was always subscribed to “Hotties…” channel. So does the application know that I like to watch pretty girls?


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