Meebo! Is that a name?/Chat fearlessly at work

I got to admit this, I saw the word “Meebo” at many places since yesterday morning but did not care for it neither did I care about reading more about it. I use a lot and saw it their few times and I thought it must be a new service that must be doing something with Google or Microsoft Maps. I thought to myself, why bother :). What kind of name is ‘Meebo’ and I let it go.

I start browsing early this morning and again Meebo started appearing in my subscription list. What the hell, what is this all about and I clicked on the link hoping to see another map service! (isn’t the Internet going crazy about mapping service, I on the other hand am not really fascinated as it’s more US based than other parts of the world). On the other hand what I see is a screen that is showing me logos of IM and asking for username and password. Normally I am paranoid about entering my personal details on third party websites ( I had not read their blog by now). After few seconds of thinking I jumped in and entered my details for Yahoo. Walla, I was logged in and I could see my Yahoo buddies there. Next I logged in and I was seeing my MSN buddies.

This is when I realised that this was a AJAX based service. I am excited. Mind you all, it’s still in alpha realease and after reading their blog I am sure that they will be adding many more features in the future. I love Trillian and this is web based Trillian now.

Quick benefits of using Meebo:-

  • It’s web based IM and so need to install IM software on all the different computer that you access
  • Easy access from any computer that is connected to the Internet and has a browser (almost all modern browsers will work with Meebo)
  • If your work blocks installing IM software, this is something that you should try. Be connected with the rest of the world while you are at work (wait till the administrators at your firm block this too 😉 )
  • Less resource intensive
  • Don’t have to worry about updating my IM’s every now and than and also don’t have to worry about security issues related to IM software
  • I can be logged into more than one ID for a particular IM. Example I can be logged in into my wife’s IM ID and my own IM ID at the same time
  • I can hide it easily and nobody will notice that I am chatting on the browser 😉
  • I don’t have to worry about MSN’s crappy ads anymore
  • And many more which might come to my mind later on

Ofcourse, it’s plain vanilla for now, but the developers of Meebo are counting on us for giving them feedback, so email them what other features you want. For me, I will want better security for this service and an assurity that my information is not logged onto their servers anywhere ( I hear they are working on privacy policy).Ofcourse I will love more features as they come in with an ability to turn the extra features “ON” and “OFF” as and when required to keep IM’s less cluttered.

Yes, I will love to see GTalk on the list. What about Skype, is that a possibility? Will these people want us to pay for their service eventually? Not sure and not sure if I will pay for such service ( I might). But overall good work.

But anybody explain me what “Meebo” means? What are your reviews about Meebo? But this means that means that don’t make much sense can be better services 😉



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