Chris_Pratley’s OneNote WebLog : More OneNote 12 Goodness

Chris_Pratley’s OneNote WebLog : More OneNote 12 Goodness

Chris Pratley of Microsoft shows us some new features of upcoming Windows OneNote. Now I have been using OneNote since I got it and been loving it. Don’t get to use it as much as I want but use it consistently. I just like how easy it is to manage notes in it

Chris mentions about the following new features:-

  • Tables
  • Embedding Documents
  • Drag & Drop
  • Subpages get their own titles
  • Insta-search

Ok, as to my favorite feature from the above would be where I can give a subpage it’s own title. It is just going to be so good for me and I can make the best use of this feature the way I organise my notes. Followed by that feature will be the feature of drag and drop. Did I hear more than one Notebook! That’s going to be great as well. Now I can have one notebook for my personal stuff and one more my work related stuff.

Is there anything for syncronising the notebooks or sync. the sections yet? I miss that feature in OneNote.

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