MemeFlow – Yet another cool service

MemeFlow – Your GoTo Page&

Robert Scoble links me to yet another cool and simple service called MemeFlow. He He, I am also one of the founding members of this service (can I say that because I am 46th member of this site!).

OK, so to me it looks like a site where we can make quick list of bookmarks under various tags or blocks as Steve Lacey calls them. Why will I use the service if I use it? I will use it because it is not yet another web based aggregator like Google Home Page,, or even Netvibes. It is a service where I can quicky bookmark sites and take it anywhere I go.

Based on my browsing patterns in last few weeks, I can use this service to bookmark/sitemark  blogs and sites that I visit on regular basis under proper tags and can visit them from here. Steve did you have other uses of this site too? Please enlighten us. One other feature I will like to see on this is a webnote taking feature like we have on Netvibes, it really comes handy. Well if I use more I am sure I will be able to figure out more uses of this site.

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