My views on Ojos screen shots

Munjal Shah responds to my request on Ojos update and posts some more screen shots. To the least I can say that I am excited and looking forward to get my hands on the system.

Now I am no expert on UI, but I am just a normal day to day user using different services. So my thought is no matter how many experts you get to design your UI, but if your home page does not give a normal user enough information about what the site does and what are the benefits of using the service, than the site developers are lacking somewhere. As I always say, I see so many smart applications on the Internet today, so many cool services which can increase the productivity. But the developers lack to communicate the potential uses of these applications and services to their first time users. And thus it never becomes too much visible in the market. Why do developers and writers assume that users will be able to figure out the uses of their application or their own?

Now coming back to Ojos, I think the first screen (home page I assume) looks good. It’s clean and clutter free and I think that is important. Munjal, is there a possibility of creating a “Try it” area? Now I am thinking like a typical user. I would really love to try any service before I go ahead and invest my time in using the service and learning how to optimise it’s use. If I try out the service and looking at the capabilities if I say “wow, that’s amazing” I know I am ready to use that service for a while. I had that feeling last night when I tried service online. It is amazing. And I know because I like it I will use it and recommend it to others. If providing live examples is a problem than just have a flash demo or something or that sort. Yes, I know people can just search photos at the top and try it out that way!

I would say do have a section somewhere on your site where you can list down all the potential uses of Ojos and also how others are using it. I am sure people will have some weird uses of your service. Who knows!

So will Ojos just be face recognition service or even object recognition as well? Won’t I be able to search for all the pictures that have “iPod” somewhere in it?

With all the search features listed, I think I am going to love it! I think it is a important and a needed feature where I can search the albums shared by others users with me. It makes the system more usable for me. I might be one of those who don’t share any pictures but have many people sharing their own albums with me. I can than just search from what they are sharing.

I don’t know the other features of Ojos yet, so will wait for feature requests till I get my hands on it :).

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