Ashutosh tells me about FeedTier

Ashutosh Nilkanth Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing FeedTier

 Ashutosh Nilkanth emailed me today about a new tool that he is working on. It’s called FeedTier and is meant to be a tool that creates RSS feed for webpages that are not web feeds enabled. It’s still in Beta.

Ashutosh on his blog says that he has some kind of simple algorithm that scrapes the data from the wepage and creates a RSS feed. Ashutosh, I did some testing and the results were not too much impressive. Let me give you an example, I wanted a feed for Google Search results for Tejas Patel . I went on FeedTier and entered the URL  and the resultant RSS feed that I was given was Now the results did not meet my expectations. I just get one link in the RSS feed, but obviously there are more links on that page! Did I test the system wrongly? OR was I supposed to do something else here?

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