Welcome to Softwareandtools.com / I am not gone

Hello All,
I just wanted to let you know that I am not gone. I am here busy with my personal life. My parents are here from India for a well deserved vacation. So having a good time with them and this is supposed to last for nearly a month.

But in the mean while there was one project that was going on in my mind for a while and it came out in the form on a new site called Softwareandtools.com . Software And Tools is a site for software and tool reviews. We will be also be discussing about Windows OS. We are planning to do demo video of new software and tools along with podcasts in the future. So wish us Good luck. I will be talking more on this in the coming weeks. Mind you, I will still be blogging here.

Earlier I was waiting to perfect the skins and templates for the new site, but then I realised that I will just start with what I have instead of delaying the whole project. I am no programmer, so have very limited web development knowledge. But if anybody is interested in offering some help and showing their expertise than please let me know. My email address is on the left hand side of the blog.

I also want to invite writers for the new site. So please visit http://www.softwareandtools.com site and see if you are interested in writing for the various blogs on that site.

Software And Tools is a work in progress for now, so please be patient for the time being.

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