Identity Issue at Riya

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I was reading Tara’s post and Yes, I have the same issue with the existing identity structure at Riya Photo search service for now.

Just to give you all a bit of background, at the moment, Riya manages addresses for a user by his or her email address. It recognises the faces for a user and links that data to an account based on an email address. So now the problem is, one user can have more than one email address that he/she might give out to different users. He might give to one User A and User B might give email address for the same user. And User A and User B will use those email addresses respectively to recognise the person on Riya. Now the way I see from Tara’s post and using the system (Riya), I don’t think Riya at the moment understands that both different email addresses are of the same person (through face recognition) and merge the facial information about these person. If this was the case than when more pictures of the same User are uploaded on the site, it will take less time to train Riya to recognise the face of that person.

I think there should be a better way to identify the person and have a global identity no matter how many email addreses he/she might is recognised by. Here is what I think can be done (this is all based on the information I got about Riya): –

  • We should have a system in place like Plaxo Contact Management system
  • Initially people can register users by different email address. If it is the same email address than I assume that the problem should be solved
  • So now the situation is that for a given user “A” we have many pictures uploaded on the system and is recognised by different email addresses
  • So now when the user “A” registers himself on , he or she should be given an option of registering all his email addresses
  • Riya than understands that all the data for the different email addresses is of the same person and merges it together
  • I think the problem is solved


  • Riya becomes smart enough to understand that all the data even though stored under different email addresses are of the same person using face recognition technology and merge them together.

The other issue I am facing is when I want to put a name to the face in Riya I have to put an email address for that person. 



 Now as indentified by many others, I might not have an email address for that person or that person might not even have an email address. This is no joke, my uncles and aunties living in remote areas in India don’t know what computers are, how are they  

supposed to have an email address. What should I do about them? I just don’t want to keep on putting fake email addresses for them. But I still want the system to recognise them by their faces! I might go to Geek Dinners, meet people there, take pictures but might not have their email address. But I still want the system to recognise them by their names. So there should be a better alternative to this. Ofcourse I can tag those pictures by the name of the person or something similar, but than this does not solve by purpose. I will have to keep on doing this every time I upload pictures as the system would not recognise the pictures of that person.



How about also allowing to recognise the pictures by a group? I might be going out with 100 people quite a few times but don’t want to bother myself recognising all the pictures all the time, but I have created a group for those 100 people. I just might want to add them by groups. So if there are more than certain amount of people in the same group, the photo is automatically recognised as that group. Of course again, I can tag those pictures by group name, but might not solve the problem.

More suggestions coming up soon.



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