Riya Alpha 2 inbound

Recognizing Deven: Alpha 2 inbound

 Munjal posts about the Alpha release 2 of Riya. I am happy with the fixes. The most important ones for me are the following points:-

 b) Make it work with Firefox – Done – nuff said

c) Don’t make email required when I train Riya on a new person – Done

d) The uploader install was confusing and didn’t work right. I think we fixed this by making our uploader more explicit (that you are down loading something) and putting the settings for which directory you upload only in the uploader (we had it in two places which was confusing).

e) Many of you didn’t like that we locked you out of your account until the upload was complete. Now that is fixed

The uploader sucked big time. I only wish that it would not take the same amount of RAM and processing power this time. As normal users would not prefer to keep their systems running over night and client consuming more than 50% of processor power is still not acceptable. Lucky I got 2 GB RAM on my computer, how many users do you think will have that kind of RAM installed on their home systems? If the client really needs these kind of resources, what I suggest is you have a mechanism where I can instruct the client to run in low priority when I am using the computer and then crab the resources of my computer in full swing when I am not using it (in other words idle time). Copernic Desktop Tool does this very well.

It’s good that now we won’t be required to enter an email address of the person the first time we are making him recognised to the system (adding his/her face to the system).

Riya had tag clouds for both albums and people before and Munjal mentions in this post that they have removed tag clouds for albums. Ya, I agree that it was too confusing. But how about implementing a feature where people can switch to tag clouds or list mode as per their preference (similar to what del.icio.us has done)?

I hope their new uploader lets me upload photos from my DVD drive or from over a network share this time.


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