Happy New Year all & let me begin this new year

Yes, I know this blog has been quite for long time now. I have taken a long needed break from blog and from online communities this time. Although I was around, I was just peeping once in a while to see what was going around. I am sure I have missed too much exciting especially with CES 2006 going on as well.Well although I was having a vacation, I took some time off to think about my blogging priorities, how much I am enjoying it, what would I like to do in future and where does it fit into my life for now. The news seems to be positive. Blogging and reading blogs have changed my life and I will continue that. So for now, I will get back to blogging both on here and on my other Technical Blog at Software And Tools. I think after formulating some strategy I will start looking for writers on my other blog. So if you are interested on writing technical blogs, either comment here or email me.

I have decided that I will use this blog primarily as my personal blog, although you will see duplicates of some of the posts that I make on Software And Tools blog from time to time (if they are too good and relevant, they will make their way here as well). I will blog here technical, non technical and all other ramblings that interests me.


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