Wow, Indian police blog

Wow, Wow Wow. Of all the things that I think, I just don’t have a good image of Indian police in my mind. When I think of Indian police,”corrupt” is the word that comes to my mind. With so many Indian movies coming that shows Indian Police force as corrupt does not make this experience any richer. But still I hear about some really good stories from Indian Police Force from time to time(Google did not show me cool nicer sites).

A blog from a Indian Police Officer is not what I expected. But this is the fact. B.Dayananda IPS Superintendent of Police Dakshina Kannada District from Mangalore has started up a blog to keep public and media informed about the happenings in his area. Cool, he even has his contact details up on the blog. That’s great job, you make me feel proud. Keep up the good work and good luck. Yor earned my respect. I wonder if this IPS officer uses a RSS aggregator or if he uses service such as a blog search engine ?

Thanks to India Daily where I found the link. Subsribed to the blog as well.

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