To – If you overcharge then the mark down price, then give it for free

This message is for I have been registering new domain names and using their services for domain name maintenance for nearly a year now. I have been with them since I found Bob Parson’s blog and since I saw the Super Bowl Ad ( ya, well the advertising still works). Although I don’t have a complain with the services that they are providing I have a complain and suggestion to make with the offers that they are providing.

The story goes like this, yesterday I got an email from about an offer that they are running. The offer said that I could reister .name domain paying only $5.95 instead of $9.95 which is standard. It had some bells and whistles attached. I got lured and headed to their website to register a domain name for my Brother ( ). As I checked out and applied the discount code that they provided, I noticed that the price was still $9.95. Getting desperate I decided to call them and sort this out (Total call time 26.20 seconds and mind you that I was calling a US number from Australian phone, not sure how much I saved over all!). So after talking to the girl and forwarding her a copy of the email that I have received she concluded that the code did not work and she will have to charge me the full price and then later send me the refund. Not so happy, I agreed ( I did not have any other option to get the domain registered). I asked the girl on the phone why are they sending email messages if the code does not work and the girl simply said that she don’t know and it does not work for her either.

Meanwhile I forwarded the email that I recieved to other not so geek friends of mine seeing that it was a good deal and that they could benefit from it. Two of them said that they headed to the website and applied the code but they were shocked that the price came upto $9.95 instead of $5.95 and resisted to register.

I got the refund this morning of $4.00 which is fine. I checked in again this morning if the code was working and looks like it’s still not fixed.

Now my complain to Godaddy is, why send such email offers if they cannot comply with it? They are wasting their customers time. Overall I would have wasted 30 more minutes then needed. How hard is it to check for them to check if a discount code works or not? And even after they knew that it does not work, why can’t they fix the problem so other customers like me don’t have the face the same problem. With incidents like this, customers loose faith and think that you are trying to rip them off (Ok, I might be going to far now, may be). So the solution that I am giving you is if you are over charging your customers then the marked price, then give the product for free. Ever went to super market, that is what the policy is at some of the super markets that I visit in Australia. This way you won’t loose the customers and will remember to check out the things before you send the email content out.

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