Why should I care about PodTech?

Hiya Robert. Since you joined PodTech I have visited it few times now on different occasions. Nice colors and all, crowded site, Distracts me are some of my observations. ( I asked some of my friends online as I wrote this and they have to tell something similar about the site as to what I wrote ).

Although I have been to “About Us” page and read it ( I assure you that I can read English). My main question to you is, why should I as a user care about PodTech.net ? What will they be doing extra special that I should come to the site/Subscribe to the site ? What is the site doing different?

Why this questions you ask? Well because I am following you. You took me inside of Microsoft and made me a better customer of their. Now I am following you to PodTech and trying to become a customer there if they have anything new to offer me/anything that is innovative/anything that can change my perspective of how I see the technology world/improve my understanding of things. What value will it provide me in long term as a customer who still does not understand the power of podcasts completely.

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