Rebtel — Cheap alternatives to making cheap interstate and international phone calls

I wrote about Rebtel, a new way of making cheap interstate and international phone calls. I love the idea.

All things good, after using it a bit here is my concern! I signed up on Rebtel and registered my phone number (Call the number A) with them along with a international number and in return got a local number (Call it C) to call. All good so far. Now I use a non registered phone, call it B to make a call to phone number C. The Rebtel system tells me that the phone number B is not registered with the system and I should punch in Phone no. A followed by # key. I do that and the phone is connected to the international phone number.

Now what if somebody knows both my Phone no. A and phone no. C and wants to abuse my Rebtel account and waste my money?

Ah, is the idea that save local phone no. C as a safe secret password? ( I hope this makes sense and I haven’t confused you).

The logical thing is to just have somebody put somekind of security ID when using Phone no. B which is not registered with the service to call phone no. C.

May be somebody from Rebtel can answer this..

Did I say that the international call rates are cheaper then Skype and Yahoo too. I am having fun in this innovative world.

Edit: I did my calculations again and it does not come cheaper then Skype.

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