AOL betrayed it’s users

This is crazy act from AOL I believe. I am furious but would be crazy furious if I was a part of that list. What were they thinking!

Above all the data is now publicly available on the Internet. For heavy Internet surfers like me, from the search data it is easily able to link back to me even if my identity is changed just because time and time again I search for information that links back to me or relates to what I am doing.

Out of curiosity, I downloaded one search file, wow, somebody is a big fan of “Candice Michelle” (She is Girl). From 1st March to 19th March, most of this seaches are going to porn sites or porn related search and wow he/she is one big searcher. He searched more then 5000 times :). But I will end my curiosity here. But I am sure people would have more time and energy then I have to go through the log files. One other blogger mentions how he found an ID that searched for ‘murder’ related content.

I am going to tag this post with “Studid Act” tag :).

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