Improve your time quotient

Time Quotient = Results/Time. I am a believer of this formula and I am sure most of you would agree to this too. According to this formula, success if the results we achieve in a given amount of time.

To take an example without going into too much detail, whom would you consider successful? One who would have 2 million dollar in his account for his retirement or one who would be struggling to gather food on a week to week basis till his death? I would go with the first one!

There are many positive things that we can do to improve our Time Quotient. They can be small actions that can masively improve our TQ overall. One action I take to improve my TQ is to monitor where I spend my time, what results I get in the time I spent on a given task and continously monitor my actions so that I am getting more and better results for the time I spend. Getting more output with less input is smartness I think.

Monitoring time spend can be daunting times at time, but it does not have to be so. There are many ways on how time can be monitored; from using kitchen timer to monitor time taken to complete a task to using sophisticated software to track time spent using different applications on the computer and elsewhere to using sites like SlimTimer to monitor time spend on different projects/tasks.

With so many things happening around us on the Internet,Office,Home it is easy to get distracted from our main task and drify away. We can use time monitoring tools to not only monitor the time we spend on various tasks but also use it to constantly remind us to stay on track as well (as we are analysing our own time spent at the end). Earlier today I wrote a brief review on SlimTimer which is a simple website which can monitor the time we spend as individual or as a team on various tasks.

Since I have started monitoring where I spend my own time, I was simply writing the time I spend on a peice of paper at the end of the day and used to analyse it at the end of the week. But now I am going to give SlimTimer a good try, as it has the reporting tools I need and if I want I can analyse at the end of the day as to how I have spend my day.

Improve your Time Quotient ( is a good site with some great tools) and as part of this monitor how wisely you are spending each and every minute of your day.

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