The joys of settling in the new house

It’s been a long while since I updated you. Well as you might have read before, I have moved into my new house by myself and settling in. There is a lot to get done, believe me in a brand new house. This becomes true more when one is like me, who does not prefer to pay builders too much money to get the extra things done.

The best part for me is I am learning a lot of things about things that go into the house, the things that become a part of the house. Komal is creative and loves to go to shops and see things for hours together. Her best place to visit is “Bunnings”. I hated to be there for more then 10 minutes before. I preferred to stay at home and play with my computer. But now things are changing. I am getting the “Creative” syndrome. I love visiting Bunnings now and get ideas from there.

Last weekend I did my first DIY installation at my new place. I installed a blind myself after getting some ridiculous quotations. I wanted to see what all is involved in doing a job. Well it wasn’t easy ( I know I suck at such things for now) but I did it and the blind is doing it’s job.

I am not missing my old rented place. The feeling that one gets in his/her own house is just too different and hard to explain, but it is all good. There are lot of places that I can go for around my place. My favourite is go for a walk around the Caroline Springs Lake. I will remember to take a picture of that place next time I visit that place. Going for walks is even more beneficial to me for now as I walk around places and gather ideas looking at other new and old houses. And of course the air is just so fresh!

My street mates (neighbours) that I have meet so far are good people and above all looks like a multicultural street.

For now though, what I miss the most is spending a lot of time in front of my computer once I get home. I got to do stuff (cleaning, washing, arranging and more cleaning) in the house which I did not have to do in my small rented place before. But I am sure in coming weeks, days and months this will be settled as well. Of course I will share the load with Komal, once she is back in Australia ;). Overall, it has been great three weeks in the new house.

By the way I am looking for DIY sites on various things. If you know and prefer any sites, then let me know.

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