I am chatting away at Changai Airport now

Ah, I should have blogged about my plans before. I am going to India for a short trip for my brothers wedding which is on 23rd. I will be in my city Baroda most of the time. So last night I left for India and now in Singapore. Found a place where I could hook my lappy and do some blog reading and writing, but guess what! All my friends remembered to remember me today and the moment they saw me online they started saying “hello” to me. So I am chatting away at Changi Airport.

I am going to go and take some rest at the local Transit Hotel for around six hours. My halt here is 14 hours before I take my flight at 7:30 PM Local time to Ahmedabad (India) which gets me there at 10:30 PM(IST). The weather here seems showery. I will take some pictures around the airport and post it here.

Anybody has any other better ideas to what I can be doing while I am here? Any other interesting things that I might not be aware of and you would like to share?.

OK, I am going to go and check into my Hotel room now, will update soon.

EDIT: I am back after relaxing. Had some brunch, did some shopping (one of that was a Universal Power Adaptor with USB support in it) and back browsing. I am lazy to get my camera out and take some pictures 😦 and feel a bit awkward as well. Well the sky are still out in Singapore water is trickling from the sky. It’s is still 2.5 hours before I fly out from here.

OK, am back to downloading some trials and going through my Google Reader and putting some links on my link blog.

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