Aussie friends, here’s your chance to work in USA

My Australian friends, here’s a chance to work in USA. My friend Nitin emailed me saying that his manager is going to be in Sydney for recruiting people for USA. Nitin works for . So if you are working in IT and want to work in USA, then here is your chance. His manager Pundarika Bibireddy will be in Sydney from 4-7 February at Hello Tejas, you could do that,
His name is Pundarika Bibireddy
Australia from 4th to 7th Feb, 2007.
Venue: Marriott Sydney
36 College Street
Sydney, Australia
Tel : 61-2-93618400
Company name is Software Research Group ( ). So call Pundarika on the no. given or email him your resume. Don’t forget to put “Nitin’s” name as a reference.

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