People/Companies/Bloggers needed to hire me

It’s time to reveal a news. The good and bigger news is as of now I am a free man meaning looking for bigger and better challenges in life. With end of last year I ended working for my previous employer @ IT Masters. They work for Charles Sturt University delivering Masters and other Post Graduate level courses as well looking after marketing side of it. I had been working there for nearly 4 years now and now is the time to move on to bigger, better and challenging things in life. My involvement there was both in the training and technology side. I have learned a lot from there, both relating to my job and over other areas as well and am very hopeful that I will be able to apply that knowledge where ever I go.

So what’s on the plan now? My criteria with my new work is it should be exciting, it should be challenging and something where I can create value and enjoy working day in and day out. The first thing that comes to my mind with the above criteria is working as a Technical Evangelist (There are couple of people on my mind that I am going to contact regarding this). I am also open to training opportunities. I love teaching and showing people how exciting and beneficial technology is.

I will like to try contracting positions to start with, so I can spare some more time for my own little ventures (like blogging more professional and consistently here) and spending more time with my family. But if good opportunities will show up for full time position then I will think about that too. I am open to more options at this stage for now. Want to explore my options and dive into something that seems most exciting and challenging to me. I am also interested in professional blogging positions, so blog gers and Blog Network managers, let me know if there is a good opportunity out there.

As to if anybody has any question as to why to hire me? Well I am a guy full of life, energy, ideas and passion to create value and make a positive impact on whatever I do.

To my other reader friends, let me know if there are any suggestions, leads that can help me find me my dream organisation/s to work for.

My email to contact me is tejas . patel @ gmail .com

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