I just want to keep away from one more content aggregation site

There has been buzz on the Internet about Friendfeed lately. I had read about it that it is a content aggregation site etc. etc. I never checked it out and registered on it until today. Alright, I have not spent a lot of my time on it yet. But what it is so far? It is a content aggregation system where an individual can collate all his feed and share it with friends. The aggregator shows the updates by different icons, so if it is a Twitter post, it will show the Twitter icon, if it is a blog update, it will show blog icon to make it easily recognisable. Good idea, but just not for me at this stage.

The changes are that I will be seeing more then 50% of the same information as I normally do subscribe to my friend’s blog and I follow most of them on Twitter as well, so I want to reduce duplication. I am not Robert Scoble who gets 1 tweet per second but it’s hard for me to keep up with Twitter not only at work but even at home. It can get into a part time job in itself.Above all, I would prefer a tool where there can be some kind of conversation rather then just aggregation of the content.

I hear, content aggregation is big business!

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