Some pain are only understood and felt when it gets to you (People laid off)

Some pain are truly understood and felt when it touches you. With this market conditions and other factors, you hear people getting fired/laid off/sacked etc. every day and you hearing people talking about it everywhere.

I can truly say that I left the impact today when I heard, and then saw people’s reaction to the news that they were laid off in my office today. I am still working there for now but I was speechless.I will be seeing many people whom I have worked with last one year go tomorrow. It’s was hard for me to say anything as nothing was going to console them or for that matter sooth my pain. I have seen people let go before from my team, but it was never felt this way.

What have you done in such scenarios? Apart from helping them in any possible way that you can (like checking your sources if they have an opening etc., helping them packup etc.) what else can you help them with?

But I am optimistic, and believe that whatever happens, is for good. I am sure they will find a better position somewhere else and they will grow in this process.

Good Luck to all such people who have lost positions in this condition and please share how you coped with it or how you helped somebody else cope during this period.

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