One more reason why to use tools that make it easy to blog

ashnallawalla: @tejaaa WordPress also preserves HTML (a flaw imho). Good luck with Posterous, which is not known for its SEO features.

Ash Nallawalla who is a SEO expert reminds me that Posterous is not known for it’s SEO features as much as WordPress or other blogging tools. Agreed that it might be the case.

But to me the bigger problem is to keep myself motivated to keep on blogging. SEO for me may become a problem when I start blogging regularly and start churning quality posts. But that is not the case just yet for me! For people like myself who don’t make money doing Web 2.0, blogging is about sharing ideas and knowledge, creating networks, being a part of networks and increasing the knowledge.

I need tools that make it easy to express myself and keep on encouraging me to come back with more content. Before Twitter came, I was blogging a lot, but since I got started on Twitter, my blogging has just dropped, as it is way easy to tweet then to create a blog post. So for now, I will just try to get into the rhythm of blogging/life streaming again.

What do you think?

One thought on “One more reason why to use tools that make it easy to blog

  1. Good point Tejas. Posterous has an entirely different use with its links to all the other social media outlets. I am fascinated by Posterous and we are experimenting with different uses at a number of my startups.More updates when we figure out things :)Best,Raj

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