Before you Retweet next time, check how many people you are going to annoy

Should I Retweet?

Should @tejaaa retweet @guykawasaki’s tweet?

This RT will be new to 568 people and annoy 467 people.

45% of @tejaaa ‘s followers also follow @guykawasaki (flip it!)

Chart?cht=v&chd=t:1035,149194,0,467,0,0,467&chs=400x250&chds=0,149194&chtt=follower+overlap|shouldirt Chart?cht=gom&chd=t:45&chtt=annoyometer|shouldirt

I like to retweet [RT] if I think it’s really going to add value, is funny/useful or reinforce it’s value. I try to do this sparingly. But next time before you retweet find out how many people might be seeing that post second time or more than that on and then see if the double up is worth it.

So I I decide to RT one of @guykawasaki’s post I am going to double up post for nearly 45% of my followers who also follow @guykawasaki.

A handy tool!

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