Congratulations to Nirav on his new House and his relationship of lifetime

Hi All! I am a bit late in giving a speech for Nirav's House Warming and Engagement party, but it is never late to say things from your heart I guess!

Nirav and I go back nearly 9 and something years now, in early 2000. I think I can say that we have grown up together in Australia. When I look back today, most of the time in each other's company has been spent in having fun, sharing laughs, arguing about small things in life, disagreeing but still have fun at many other aspects of life [an example is Nirav shares a lot of passion for bombs and for invading countries which at times I don't]. Through this time, I have truly enjoyed having him as a friend, a younger brother and a person who is always standing next to you when you need him the most.


This photo was taken sometime in 2003.

From living in a room half the size of his garage [yes, we did share a room together half the size of the garage and we nearly lived in the North Balwyn house for 3 years] to moving to his own House [HOME SWEET HOME], NIRAV has accomplished a lot of things during his time in Australia. Apart from material things, one thing that I acknowledge a lot is his ability to bring smile on people's face no matter where he goes. So Nirav, well done and congratulations. I pray and wish that all your wishes come true in this new Home of yours and your prosperity graph should only go in up north direction going forward.

And now onto Snehal! I think Nirav is as fussy as an old grandma [Some of you might agree]! He took a long time to find the right girl of his dreams, but now Snehal and Nirav have found one another. All I can say to this couple is all the best for your future together and may you both get all the happiness and prosperity that you both wish for. Congratulations once again.

Finally, I will like to thank all those who attended Saturday's function. It was fun and pleasure having you all around and I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did if not more. We did have some delays in catering, so for those who missed out on the great food, Nirav owe's you a treat. Get him to take you out to Angeethi Restaurant in Wyndamvale!

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Nirav on his new House and his relationship of lifetime

  1. Really nice words from a true friend. I guess you had made Nirav’s event very special not by just giving speech at the time but truly reveling your friendship via this blog. Good to have friends like you.

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